Educational Talk in ISMRM 2023 Still remember how surprised I was when receiving an invitation letter from ISMRM about giving the talk. It’s just nothing more than nervous to give such a talk, especially with the title, what about the next grant.The most unfortunate thing was that I barely had any voice to talk next […]

ISMRM 2023 @ toronto Both Nancy and Kelly got their work presented in ISMRM.  Thanks to their hard work in the past 1.5 years and their active participation in EMI activities held by CBMSE, NYCU, they both showed their work nicely in English in Toronto.  They also enjoyed the trip over there. 

gRADUATION GATHERTING Thanks to THREE of you being the first batch of students who graduated from PBI Lab at NYCU. Your works established the development of our lab in the near future. You’re the seniors to all the following members.  Best luck to you all in your career paths. 

After the intense But fruitful 60 hour training, Jill received the Fellowship of HEA!It is always great to know the professors at NYCU who really care about the quality of instruction and who’re willing to do more for high education. Let’s pave the way not only for research but also teaching. “If not me, who? If […]

Thanks for Iris’ and Po-Yu’s hard work in their research. Both abstracts were accepter as digital posters and both of them was awarded the educational stipend. All the comments from the moderators and audience were appreciable. Also thanks for all the PBI lab members and our best friends in NBA Lab to support the Gather […]

  Song YW, Yang CH, Hsieh BY, CC Huang, Lu CF, Kao YC*. Altered Functional Connectivity in the Brain Induced by Early-life Mild Necrotizing Enterocolitis. The 2023 ISMRM. Singapore, 2024. Tang TH, Song YW, Kao YC*. Longitudinal studies of regional brain volume changes in adolescent rats using Small Animal Magnetic Resonance Imaging. JACBS. Taiwan. 2024 […]