After the intense But fruitful 60 hour training, Jill received the Fellowship of HEA!It is always great to know the professors at NYCU who really care about the quality of instruction and who’re willing to do more for high education. Let’s pave the way not only for research but also teaching. “If not me, who? If […]

Thanks for Iris’ and Po-Yu’s hard work in their research. Both abstracts were accepter as digital posters and both of them was awarded the educational stipend. All the comments from the moderators and audience were appreciable. Also thanks for all the PBI lab members and our best friends in NBA Lab to support the Gather […]

A great and delish restaurant for gathering on Thanksgiving Day. (Even little Woody enjoyed the food.)Thanks all you guys for working so hard in 2021. Please keep doing so in the coming year.We’ll soon have our first batch of students graduated in 2022. Look forward to it!

COVID-19 Restrictions Please check the following WORK-IN-SHIFT regulations at PBI Lab from 5/26/2021.進出辦公室R444與實驗室R440人員請掃描門上QR code, 並確實登入防疫智能平台。All personnel should scan the QR code and sign in when entering R440, R444. Also remember to scan the QR code and sign out when you leave the rooms for the day. 實驗室人員分流計畫,以每室最多同時容納四人為上限。請確實更新預約bench使用時間。There’s MAX. of FOUR people housing in the same room at one […]

Very nice weather in CYCY during GCBME. Jill and Melisa both attended the meeting for the weekend. Melisa and her work AGAIN made the committee impressive. AGAIN, Melisa got the BEST PAPER award in 2018. Congrats, Melisa!

Thanks for Prof. Lai’s invitation to ZIINT in summer. The monkeys, 7T scanners for primates and the benches for experiments all made me WoW all the time. Prof. Lai’s talented and well-behaved students also reminded how we did when we’re still the undergrad students at the time. With all the hardware and lab members support, […]

Dr. SongHo Lee is an expert in animal neuroimage processing and also one of the key researchers at CAMRI UNC. It’s our honor that SongHo visited PBI lab to exchange some of his ideas in image data organization as well the future research interests during his tight schedule in Taiwan. Although it seems like we’re developing […]