COVID-19 Restrictions

Please check the following WORK-IN-SHIFT regulations at PBI Lab from 5/26/2021.

進出辦公室R444與實驗室R440人員請掃描門上QR code, 並確實登入防疫智能平台。

All personnel should scan the QR code and sign in when entering R440, R444. Also remember to scan the QR code and sign out when you leave the rooms for the day. 


There’s MAX. of FOUR people housing in the same room at one time. Please UPDATE your schedule and check the reservation for the bench all the time. Try to RESCHEDULE your experiment if you find you are the fifth one using the bench.



Please wear your facial mask ALL the time in the rooms, except for drinking and eating. If possible, let your colleagues know you’re gonna have breakfast or lunch soon and will take off the mask. So that your colleague can decide whether he/she wants to leave the room for a while.


Please wash hands and clean your belongings with 75% alcohols after entering the lab and/or finishing your experiment. Keep good laboratory etiquette.


To protect all our beloved colleagues, please DO stay at home or dormitory if you feel uncomfortable or you’ve been any region showing the appearance of COVID-19 positive subjects.

Feel free to let me know if you have to take a sick leave or stay at home for some days.